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Website Development

Building a catchy and effective website is one of the most crucial aspects of a successful business. Your website is responsible for converting a huge number of leads to potential customers. So yes, a good website design can be highly effective for powerful growth.

Social Media Marketing

Since social media came into account plenty of platforms got opened up where your venture can smoothly climb to the pitch of success. What you need is a top-notch strategy that you will get the very moment you visit us!

Content Writing

Content is everything! It acts as a muse to the leads to draw them towards your venture and turn them into powerful consumers. Good content is one of the pillars of your products that decides its growth and stability in the market. We are here with our expert team to serve you the classy, trendy and technically sound contents that will give you the best results in terms of business growth and sustainability.


Who doesn’t want to see them at the top right? But how that can be done? Easy! SEO strategies are the answer. Our team of experts bring such SEO strategies that will only help your rank go higher and higher. We know how great it feels when you google your name and see it coming at the top. That is why we are here to help you achieve what you desire.

Grow your website with our SEO service & Project Ideas

This new venture started back in 2022 when two best friends shook hands-on providing together to do something that they invested their passion and dedication in. Broken Web is an integrated marketing solution for all sizes of businesses in Odisa. We believe in providing a classic blend of intelligence and creativity keeping an aesthetical work culture. Broken Web is an authentic digital marketing company that beholds in-depth knowledge to be clear and flexible in its work and to serve all the needs of its clients effectively. We help you to get the best out of online marketing so you compromise nothing but achieve everything just the way you want. We give you the ultimate top-notch marketing solution that will help your business conquer the online market at right time.

Why hire us?

We believe in sustainable growth through strategic planning. Our passion and dedication are not only for our venture solely but for yours too. We are here with you and for you. We are loyal to our customers and responsible for their happiness and satisfaction. Hence, we make sure we give you the best service in the market and lead you the right way.

Our Mission

Our mission is to guide you through the ever-changing trends, patterns and technologies as we know that the modern market is unpredictable and all you need to do is keep your consumers coming back to you to keep winning the market twist. Just wish it and we will be there for you so you keep experiencing the new without any hassle so your success lingers forever.

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